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Who We Serve

Business or individual, in our shop or at your location, one small laptop or a fleet of computers, our customers' needs determine the range of services we provide. 

We deliver big-city technological experience with small-town service.

Computer Services

Hardware Services

Hard drive crashing? Need more RAM for better performance? USB ports not cooperating? Network not connecting? 

No problem.

Software Services

Need Microsoft Office? Is your user profile suddenly corrupt after a Windows update and not logging you in? Email giving you a headache? We can fix that.

Virus Removal and Protection

Did you know that having too many antivirus programs on your laptop or desktop creates more problems than having none? We can remove  all malware and install a world-class antivirus program to protect you going forward.

Performance Tuning

Are your computers getting sluggish after years of use? We can clean out the digital cobwebs and restore their original performance.

Data Recovery

Have a drive or other media that is no longer responsive and is holding your family photos or other important files hostage? 

We can set them free!

Other Services

Password reset * Replacement screens and keyboards for laptops * New system setup * Remote support * Dead device diagnostics. 

Something not on the list?  Just bring it in or call to discuss.

iPhone & iPad Services


Whether the issue is a cracked top glass or a fractured LCD, the fix is a new screen. We carry top quality screens for all models.


All batteries degrade over time and rough handling accelerates the decline. We can test yours and replace it if needed.


Can you only hear someone when your phone is on speaker? We can replace all speakers and mics in any iPhone.

Charge Port

Sometimes a proper cleaning will solve the issue of a phone not charging (free service). 

But if your iPhone needs a new charge port, we can replace it quickly.

Factory Reset

Forgot your passcode? Locked up your iPhone? We can perform a factory reset to let you reactivate your phone.

Everything Else!

Cracked camera lens? 

Want to add tempered glass? Apple ID woes? 

We carry all available iPhone/iPad supplies and can sort out many issues with a single visit.

Other Services

Remote Support & Housecalls

If your computer is running and on the internet, we can log in remotely to sort out whatever is not right, saving you a trip to the shop! Or we can come to your home or office!

Gallagher Electric Fence

Whether your fence controller is electric or solar, we can get parts to fix many of the Gallagher units.  

$15 fee for diagnostics. Fee waived if repair executed.

VHS-DVD Transfer

Those family VHS tapes are not getting any better sitting on the shelf. Get them transferred to DVD before the tape deteriorates and becomes unreadable. 

$5 per tape, $3 per DVD

New System Setup

Get a new computer? Great! We can help you get it set up, transfer data from existing computers, add free antivirus, install Office - whatever you need!

Carbonite Backup Service

A leader in cloud-based solutions for backing up important files.  We can get you signed up for the peace of mind that we all need in this digital era.

Custom Computers

If you need a special desktop computer (multiple network access, large number of screens, gaming graphics controllers, exceptional CPU performance, etc.), we can build exactly what you want. Call or visit to chat about what you're trying to do.

90-Day Limited Warranty

We do offer a warranty on all the refurbished devices we sell and on all repair services performed by us. If you have any trouble with a device we have sold, or a repair we have performed, within 90-days, return to the shop. We will repair whatever is causing the problem for no additional charge. But there's a catch - the warranty does NOT cover mistreatment in any form. So if you drop the device, get it wet, or cause damage in any other way, you are responsible for those repairs. Also, if we repaired one thing on your device, the warranty only covers that repair. It does not cover all the other things that could possibly break on your device.