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What We Sell

Over the years we have added to our inventory based on what our customers have asked us for. Whether it is a new router, VGA-DVI graphics adapters, or specific lengths of Ethernet cable, we try to keep important things in stock. 

We have been most pleased to offer a range of refurbished computers and refurbished iPhones to our customers. These devices have been tested and upgraded to current hardware and software specifications and they will provide years of reliable use. If you need to replace a computer or cell phone, check out our available refurbished devices.

90-Day Limited Warranty

 We do offer a warranty on all the refurbished devices we sell and on all repair services performed by us. If you have any trouble with a device we have sold, or a repair we have performed, within 90-days, return to the shop. We will repair whatever is causing the problem for no additional charge. But there's a catch - the warranty does NOT cover mistreatment in any form. So if you drop the device, get it wet, or cause damage in any other way, you are responsible for those repairs. Also, if we repaired one thing on your device, the warranty only covers that repair. It does not cover all the other things that could possibly break on your device.  

Computers, iPhones, iPads, and Watches

Refurbished Laptops

We mostly offer refurbished Lenovo (IBM) brand laptop, but sometimes have others too. All have Windows 10, antivirus, Chrome, and PDF Viewer software.

Refurbished Desktops

If you already have a monitor and keyboard, refurbished computers are a great way to economically upgrade or replace your current desktop. All have Windows 10, antivirus, Chrome, and PDF Viewer software.

Custom (New) Desktops

Do you need a gaming computer or some other beastly machine that is hard to find around here? We can build whatever you want. Need 3-4 monitors? No problem. Want gallons of RAM? Got it covered.  Just ask.

Refurbished iPhones

We try to keep in stock a range of refurbished iPhones, including the iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8. Our goal is to provide a lower cost option for those who need a new phone.

Refurbished iPads

We have the iPad Air 1 in stock most of the time. We can get other models from our refurbisher, but this model meets most people's needs and is reasonably priced.

Refurbished Apple Watches

We have Apple Watches in both small and large sizes. We also have an assortment of watch bands to make your new watch exactly what you want it to be!

Computer Accessories

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

If you have power that goes up/down or spikes, consider a UPS to prevent damage to your computer. 

Speakers & Headphones

We carry a basic collection of speakers and headphones for computer and mobile devices.

Keyboards & Mice

We carry replacement keyboards and mice (wired and wireless) to keep you working. If you have a wireless keyboard or mouse at home, remember to check the battery in it before assuming you need a new one. :)

External Backup Drives

Backup drives are the best way to avoid those desperate days when a hard drive crashes and your family photos are lost forever.

Cables & Adapters

If you need something specific, call or stop by. We are constantly surprised at what Mark stashed (just in case) in his lab. We usually have exactly what you need or can help you get it.

Printers and More!

We also carry a small selection of printers, graphics and sound cards, and all sorts of other things that folks have needed over the years. If you don't see something - ask! We just might start carrying that too. 

Networking Supplies & Cellular Boosters

Routers & Switches

We carry a wide range of high quality TPLink products for home or business use. 


Standard and custom lengths available. Have a special need? We can make whatever cabling your needs require.

WiFi Range Extenders

Need to improve coverage throughout your house? Need to get Wifi to an adjacent building? There are many options to fit your environment.

SureCall Cell Boosters

A free site survey will determine which cell booster products will solve your low signal issues. Call to discuss.

Hot Spots

No local internet available but have decent cell coverage? Try a hotspot. We can help you select what will work best for you. If you need a powerful hotspot solution, we carry the MoFi product for heavy-duty use.

Ethernet & WiFi Adapters

We can add or replace whatever adapter your computer needs to connect to your network.